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Who are we?


Kevin Todd, LMHCA, Owner/Therapist

          We all have the ability within ourselves to make changes and to live our best lives, yet often times we can get in our own way of that progress. Difficulties in our lives are often linked to problems in our relationships with people close to us. Therapy can help us examine our behavior and create ways so that we can remove the roadblocks keeping us from improving upon our relationships. I use many dynamic forms of treatment in order to help you reach these goals.

I base my practice in the belief that therapy in itself is relationship-based. Because I focus on the relationship between you and I, you will always be heard and valued for who you are. You are more than a diagnosis to me; I am here to know you as a person and understand your perspective, and to give you the tools and the confidence to make the changes you need to live your best life.

Candice Todd, LICSW, Owner/Therapist

I am here to empower and encourage you through the the difficulties life throws at you, and help you reach your goals. I will support you through the hard times and share the good times. Life is like a book; a series of chapters with high’s and lows, pain and laughter, excitement and disappointment. This can be difficult to manage, but also possible. 

Learning from your experiences and not allowing them to define you is one of the many ways I can help. I have worked with many different individuals and their struggles including relationship difficulties, decision making, trauma, depression, and anxiety to name a few. 

I refer to myself as an “eclectic” therapist, one who is flexible and can teach, guide, and utilize many different types of therapeutic interventions, depending on the individual. Your treatment is 

specifically for YOU.  

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